Birchwood – Charlotte LED

Birchwood’s Charlotte LED pendant has a distinctive sweeping curved profile.  Multiple distribution and LED options are available within a 3.25” extruded aluminum housing. Frosted white acrylic lenses deliver light efficiently to any interior application or design. Charlotte offers smooth directional illumination within its curved, streamlined architectural profile.

PMC – Pallo LED

Pallo LED offers a fresh take on general ambient lighting. Available in multiple sizes ranging from 12″ diameter to 48″ diameter, Pallo LED is free from the confines of a traditional straight edge fixture. Pallo is also available in a recessed version, allowing the convenience of T-bar or flanged integration without having to conform to fixed…

Shaper – Fabrique

Fabrique LED hand-tucked fabric shades offer a refined look for the most discriminating applications. The silk and linen, textured and vinyl-coated fabrics are the broadest standard fabric offering in the industry. Delicate finials and canopies are available in a wide variety of hand-crafted metals finishes only available through Shaper.

Axis – Sketch

Circles, softly rounded rectangles, simple arcs, and sinuous forms – all are possible with Sketch. Instead of costly site-built coves or troughs, Sketch LED modules install neatly into gypsum board ceilings, join together precisely, and perform predictably and efficiently. The Sketch system includes curved sections based on circles with diameters from 3’ to 23’, as…

GE – Lumination EL

Lumination EL produces impressive light output with high vertical and horizontal foot-candle illuminance – all in a blade-like fixture that appears to float across the ceiling landscape. Delivering best-ever LED performance and outstanding design flexibility, these innovative light fixtures make a unique design statement.

Lumenwerx – CAVA

Cava is a linear LED pendant or recessed luminaire with a remarkably comfortable and surprising appearance. Using completely concealed and indirect LED arrays, Cava provides superior brightness control, while maintaining high efficacy by distributing light over the vaulted interior cavity of the luminaire. Cava offers totally direct or segmented direct/indirect distributions.

LEDS-C4 – Circ

The Circ family of LED pendants offers a clean design and impressive lumen output. Circ features aluminum housings and lenticular diffusers and is available in 23” and 39” single ring, 31”/39” double ring and 21”/31”/39”triple ring.